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      Welcome to Odds Crusher Sports handicapping. We originally opened under the name The 'Line Crusher' but apparently the name was already being used and the owner of that service was rather upset. I think they were a bit jealous because we are doing so well. We so graciously changed our name to avoid any hassles because we have better things to do with or time, like sports handicapping, than bickering over a name. If you are one of the many visitors we are getting from the link on their site, we encourage you as well as all to check out our win records at all the sports monitor services we use to verify that we are for real. Unlike other sites that post all kinds of numbers and percentages that really don't mean anything, we back ours up with verification. Never anything to hide here at Odds Crusher handicapping, What you see is what you get.

      Our overhead is low here thus allowing us to provide you with top quality sports picks for a very low cost. We have only one sports handicapper making picks, Bob Jackson, who has been a top handicapper for almost 22 years. His strong points are college football and baseball but does very well with the NFL too, as reflected in our stats.
      Not too sure about us yet? Glad to here it, you should always be cautious when selecting a service. Give our Pick of the Day a try, its guaranteed to win or you get the next two FREE! The best part is, its only $25! How can you go wrong?
Thanks for visiting us and have a great season, I know we will.


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